File View License Fees

Individual (single user) license

Individual, single-user license costs $15 (fifteen US dollars).

An individual license allows one user to use the program at any one time. There is no limit on the number of program copies or their location. The only requirement is that another user must not use the program at the same time. To allow more users to use the program at the same time, you must purchase more licenses. If you have a large number of users, it may be advantageous to buy a site license.

Credit card purchases

You can pay for your license online using your credit card on a secure server. A single user license purchased online costs $15 USD. Multiuser license fees are listed below.

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Site (multiuser) license

Site license is an economical way of buying program licenses for a larger number of users in your organization. Normally a 'site' is a single location of a single company. Please contact for detailed analysis of your specific needs.

For Comparison Only:
Copies Price Unit Price Discount  
50 $200 $4.00 60% Buy now
100 $250 $2.50 75% Buy now
200 $300 $1.50 85% Buy now
Unlimited $350 $0.70* 93%* Buy now

* based on 500 copies

Program customization

File View offers numerous configuration options to suit varying needs. Please refer to the online help file Advanced topic for details. If, however, you need functionality that is not available in the product, we can make custom changes for additional fee. Please direct inquiries to

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