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Version 1.9 Changes:

  • Increased internal buffer sizes. More data is read at once during formatting but handled line length increased to almost 1MB.
  • Changed keyboard shortcuts to match the most common uses. Ctrl+F is now 'find', Ctrl+O is 'open', Ctrl+P is 'print'...


Download 32-bit File View for 32-bit Windows (desktop and server)

Download 64-bit File View for AMD x64 and Intel EMT64 64-bit Windows (desktop and server)


File View help is available online - click here.


Please Remember

This software is not free. This is shareware. It is provided to you at no charge for a limited evaluation period. If you decide that you do not want to use this software, you must erase it from your system. If you decide to use it you must pay the license fee.

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