Visual Studio 2005/2008 Integration - Configuring

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Side-by-Side Manifest Maker setup installs, if selected, Visual Studio 2005/2008 Integration. To use Manifest Maker with Visual Studio it is convenient to configure it first.

After you install Manifest Maker, you have the following shortcuts in the Start menu:

Make sure that Visual Studio is closed.

Open the Add Manifest Maker to VS executable path (user) shortcut. This runs a VB script that adds Manifest Maker folder to the VS VC++ directories. This is per-user change and it applies only to the current VS configuration. It is safe to run multiple times because it checks is the folder is already added and does not add it again.

Locate the Examples folder in the Manifest Maker directory, find the vs2005 or vs2008 subfolder and copy it to a working location.

We recommend that you do not build sample projects directly in the installation folder.

Now follow these steps:

After the build is finished check for errors - there should be none.


Read more about the example project.

How to manually configure Visual Studio integration.