Visual Studio 2005/2008 Integration

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To use the Manifest Maker Visual Studio 2005/2008 integration, you first need to install the Visual Studio integration option. Then create and edit project files (*.sxs32mm) using Manifest Maker. Once the project is complete, you add the project file as a source file to the Visual C++ project and turn on the sxs32mm build rule (see step-by-step instructions). Then as you build your project the side-by-side manifest is rebuilt as necessary based on standard Visual Studio build rules.

The vs2005 example project:

The generated file is not a complete functioning manifest but a manifest fragment suitable for the next step in the Visual Studio build process. When the subsequent link step runs, the manifest fragment is integrated into the application manifest embedded in the final executable. See Manifest Generation in Visual Studio on MSDN for more details.

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