Update Root Certificates

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This procedure only applies to Windows XP. Newer version of Windows already include all necessary root certificates.

Root Certificate List

Windows maintains a list of trusted certificate authorities. As time goes by and the business changes new certificate authorities are added, some are removed and some need to be updated because they renewed or replaced their certificates. To keep up with these changes the list maintained by Windows needs to be updated.

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 contain an optional system component, Update Root Certificates, which, when necessary, connects to the Microsoft update web server and downloads certificate updates:

If this component is not installed you need to periodically update this list yourself.


Updating Root Certificates

By far the easiest way to keep up with root CA changes is to install the above Windows component.

A root certificates update can be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Update web site.

Comodo root certificates can be found on the Comodo support web site. Look for Trusted Certificate Services certificate.